Vigile Sécurité Sàrl

Our security services

Security services for individuals, businesses and insurance companies

Gate reception service

Our security agent checks identities and appointments. This service is aimed at administrative buildings, large companies, etc.

Shop security

This service prevents shoplifting and maintains order in the event of violence.

Parking supervision

Our parking service ensures access for priority vehicles and the protection of parking spaces, so no inconvenience is caused to vehicle and building owners.

Armed service

We offer an armed personal protection service (private individuals, business people, etc.) with the option of a driver, and armed protection for high-risk commercial premises, such as jewellery stores.

Alarm response

When an alarm is triggered, we will inspect your premises to ensure everything is in order.

Private investigation

We carry out private investigations for businesses, individuals and insurance companies.

Hospital service

This service secures the hospital building and ensures the safety of staff, patients and visitors. Violence prevention and supervision of at-risk patients. ;

Manned guarding of industrial sites

Our agents guard your site, lock up at the end of the day, conduct technical patrols (check fire and flood protection systems etc.) and prevent theft (guard patrols).

Public events

Our agents manage access to and guard events (access control and general manned guarding), such as cultural events, museums, exhibitions and more. ;

Special transport service

We transport and secure valuable items.

Business risk management

We assess potential security risks and provide solutions. Before construction work begins, we advise you on the positioning of emergency exits and building layout for optimal safety and security.