Vigile Sécurité Sàrl

About Vigile Sécurité Sàrl

Security agents at your service

Vigile Sécurité Sàrl was founded in 1998. Today, it has 19 security agents from around the world.

Our team of experienced professionals enjoys strong relationships built on trust, allowing it to provide an effective and reliable service.

We provide security in a wide range of contexts. As well as securing hospitals and shops, we also provide armed services, investigation services, personal protection services and more.

Discretion and professionalism are the watchwords at Vigile Sécurité Sàrl.

We are constantly building on our expertise and our agents receive regular training from professionals, such as lawyers and healthcare providers.

Our headquarters are in Fribourg, but we operate as far afield as Lausanne and Geneva.

‘A fast-growing Fribourg-based SME that can handle any situation.
We are at your service, day and night.’